Wednesday, 11 March 2009

T-Mobile Get s A Bitch Slap!

I'm too pissed off for words! Here's the letter I just sent.

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to you after a brief phone call with one your representatives. I was speaking with a gentleman called Martin. I rang 150 as I wished to question 3 calls on my bill. Martin had told me that these charges relate to calls received whilst in the Czech Republic. I find this hard to believe as the bill states that the calls in question were made from the Czech Republic. I know no one who is with a Czech provider. Further to this, I find it very hard to believe that I had, in total, 13 seconds worth of conversation spread over 3 calls. All of these calls were received when I made calls, how can this be? There maybe a simple explanation for these charges but I did not receive one from Martin. He offered me several options but no solution. I would be very grateful as to receive more information in relation to these 3 calls. Please find her within a print out. I have highlighted the calls and times in question.

While I was on the phone with Martin I asked him if T Mobile provides any sort of package for travelling to Australia. To which he said no. Texts will cost me 40p to a UK number and 50p to an Australian number. Martin said I could take out an International package but that will cost me £2.75 (there about) per month and that will only lower the cost of calls received. I find it very poor on T Mobile’s behalf to not offer any sort of package for mobile use outside of the EU. T Mobile will charge me premium rates with no alternative options and for this reason I will not be using my mobile abroad but rather source an alternative option upon arrival.

I am very disappointed with T Mobile. I changed service provider from O2 after being assured that customer care was one of your top most concerns. This is not the first time I have had issues with billing and to then find out that T Mobile offer no alternative for travel outside of the EU is very concerning. I asked Martin when my contract is up for renewal as I will be considering my options when this time comes. He asked me to hold the line. At the point the line went dead and I was disconnected. Once again I am let down by T Mobile.

I suffer poor internet connectivity to my blackberry, for which I pay an extra £10 a month for, I’ve now had 2 issues with billing and not having clear explanations for extra charges, I receive poor network coverage when I’m outside of London, I can’t add on any package that will allow me to use my phone internationally and will be charged premium rates. To top it all off, your trained representative had no answers and then dropped the call.

I make the assumption that this letter will be read by a senior member of management. I look forward to your timely response.


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