Monday, 9 March 2009

Gossip Girls and Parisian Café Music on Acid

So last night the boyfriend and I totted along to a gig in Angel. One of my bestest buddies is back from Aus, so it was a prime time catch up filled with gossip, passion and glitter.

The music was supposed to kick off at 4 but it didn’t. Yes it was one of these; ‘We’ll play when we want to play because we’re cool and colourful’ type gigs. So after many pints and waiting around, eventually the first band took to the stage. It was a 2 piece band consisting of a man singing and playing and guitar and a guy on Tambourine. Yes Tambourine! He didn’t hum, he didn’t sing, he drank beer and banged a tambourine. GO SON GO! While his mate poured his heart out into the microphone he sat there swigging beer and smacking a tambourine on his knee.

After being mesmerised by the tambourine the next band came on. I was like Parisian Café music on acid. Again it was a 2 piece band. Adorned with berets, one girl played the Accordion and Harp while the other rocked out on a mandolin and Violin. Both girls had bells tied to their ankles. All that was missing was the Sad Mime and the hand gun. Art house at it finest/ worst? I struggle to tell the difference. The boyfriend being the music man he is, sort of tapped his foot and nodded while Andy and I looked at each other and wondered WTF! It was like nothing we’d heard before. You could tell these girls were classically trained, you could see it in their eyes. It was like they were rebelling and trying to piss their old violin and harp teachers off. They sort of sang along with their sad music in a ‘Cats-Drowning’ tone. It was odd to say the least.

Once that was done the boyfriend and I headed home and discussed the finer thing in life. Like should we watch, ‘My Name is Earl’ or ‘2Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.’

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