Monday, 9 March 2009

Naught Words in Public Places

I’ve been told that I write very amusing stories. I’ve also been told that I have a gift. I’d say it’s more down to having too much time on my hands but hey, I’ll run with gift! Hehe

However all those complements aside, I was quite perplexed a few moments ago when I was told, that seeing as my blog is not a profession blog I should really let it all hang out and take some chances. I shouldn’t stop at the PC stop sign nor should I sensor my writing with words like, ‘heck’ and ‘flipping.’ This person went on to tell me that I should even invite those who I rip the heck out of into my magic online world as to provoke a response to my online banter.

I just think that there is no need for a public dirt fight. Further to this, why must I swear? I think I get my point across just fine and dandy without using naughty words.
However seeing as this as been brought to my attention, going forward I will try to be a little more Avant-garde and think outside the box. I don’t think that swearing is the way to do this but I’ll give it a try.

Were you offended, in an arty-farty way that left you wondering and desiring more? Like a leather-bound man in an S & M club with a feather up his ass?
No? Didn’t think so….

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