Monday, 16 March 2009

I’ll be coming around the Corner When I Come!

The title is in relation to Brisbane’s International Arrivals lounge not the dirty thing you were just thinking! (PERVERT!) At Brisbane’s International Arrivals, you literally come around the corner of a big frosted glass sheet to be greeted by your friends and family. And in 7 days time I will be doing exactly that. The best part of any airport is the trolley’s, I will be perched on our trolley with suitcases while the boyfriend pushes me around the glass sheet. I often take a seat on the trolley when we’re at airports. I figure I may as well make the most of 50kg frame while I can! Heathrow T3 arrivals is the highlight of most trips because there is that long ramp down to the exit. The boyfriend lifts his legs and we both go flying down like a pair of nutters who belong on Jackass. We’ve only had our trolley confiscated once. It was worth loosing the pound though! I have a video of us flying down the ramp with 2 security guards chasing us. We out rolled them but another was waiting at the bottom for us. You can take our luggage trolley but you will never take our youth and intuitive ways of entertainment.

But back on track, we’re heading out to Brisbane for some much needed sun and relaxation. We’re out there for 3 weeks and we’re so excited we’ve taken to crossing our legs along to stop the wee coming out! I haven’t been home in over 2 years so I’m itching to see of my friends and how everything has changed.

That’s really all I have to say. My leg starts bouncing at the thought of going home in just over a week and the high light of my days leading up to our departure has been my count down calendar at work. Each day is one day less.

In other words, YAY, OH YES, COME ON, YES, OH YES, YES, YEEEEESSS! **again you’re one sick little puppy. But we all perverts deep down so I won’t judge ;)**

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