Monday, 9 March 2009

South Africans and Sport

Nothing against South Africans. I love them, I really do. In fact I love them so much that I’m even dating one. However they do have one flaw. They way they carry on about Sport. GIVE IT A BONE!!! It’s to the point that I don’t watch Aus v RSA games with them. They carry on like a pack of galas! Calm the heck down before you do yourself an injury.

Why is it that South Africa can win one game or championship in what ever sport and all of a sudden they think they’re world champions? I had a discussion about this the other night with a South African. He started going on about the cricket. I told him straight, “I don’t follow the Cricket so your gloating is lost on me.”
“What do you mean you don’t follow the cricket? WE WON! WE’RE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS. YOU SUCK!”
“Hmmm, how very sportsmen like of you to tell me that I personally suck. You’re wrong; Australia is currently number 1 on the international table.”
“No, we just beat you so we are.”
“Wrong, you won A game or test or what ever it’s flipping called. That doesn’t make you world champions.”
“Yes it does!”
“No, it’s doesn’t.”
“Look I know these things. We’re number 1.”
I shook my head and said, “If you say so. What ever.”

That just wound him up to beaking point so he then moved onto rugby, “We’re number 1 in the rugby too!”
“No you’re not. New Zealand is.”
“No, we won the world cup! We’re the champions.”
“I’m afraid the World Cup doesn’t mean diddly squat in international rankings. Statistically speaking, which is how the teams are ranked in the international table, New Zealand is number 1.”
“What would you know? No, we’re number 1. You’re just making this up.”
“Sure, I’m making this up. Because I would say NZ is number 1, if I making this up. Okay, South Africa number 1 if it makes you happy. But tell me, how’s that 3rd world country title doing for you?”
It was at this point the boyfriend shot me a look that meant, “Another word out of you and you’re going to bed with no supper.”
It’s hardly my fault that the fool was talking out his ass and not listening to what I was saying! Wind me up and my mouth will spit fire.

So today, I get to work and decide to have a look at the international Cricket and Rugby tables. As predicted I was rite, South Africa is not number 1 on either table. Have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me!

So put that in your pipe and smoke it! Oh and please before you preach something, check your facts. You should know me by now! I blog everything! xx

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