Friday, 20 March 2009

London Haircuts

I will put my hand up and admit that I haven’t been to a hairdresser since Jan of last year. I’ve never been one of those girls who runs to the salon every week for the manicure/ pedicure. A. I have better things to do with my Saturdays, B. what a waste of money and C. They always end up ballsing it up! Hair is hair, as long I can brush it and style it myself, I’m happy. I’m an easy child to please.

So over the last 14months, Justin has been cutting my hair. At first both of us were nervous about out money saving venture. But with practise he’s got quite good and he’s done me well. However with my trip to Australia just around the corner I figured I should really get a professional to reshape it back to the former glory mum paid for (Yes, she paid for that hair cut many moons ago!) I just spend the last hour ringing hairdressers across London. I am absolutely mortified at what they want to charge me! £56.00 for an inch off the bottom, my fringe reshaping and thinning scissors! £56, are you on crack?? For that price I hope those scissors are diamond incrusted and I get a certificate at the end! £56!! Yeah, tell him he’s dreaming! £56 could buy me a house in Zimbabwe but in London all it gets me is a 15min trim. Where is the justification! Who pays those prices, why are these people still in business? This is clearly taking advantage of people in need. It’s extortion! You wouldn’t take an old granny for a ride on her plumping but you’d try and squeeze me for all I’m worth when it comes to haircut time. Hello, Consumer Watchdog anyone?

The cheapest I could find was £30. £30 is more like it but only if you throw in a blow dry, glass of wine and the latest vogue magazine. I mean really. Why do haircuts cost so much. How can they justify it? Its hair for crying out loud and all you have to do is cut it! If Justin can do it, anyone can do it!

I’m really not impressed with the level of budget hairdressers. It’s not that I can’t afford £56, it’s more that I can’t justify it. This is a girl who picks up pennies of ground and keeps them in a jar. She calls it her ‘I-Found-Your-Penny Saver account’! £56 is a lot of money to those of us who don’t throw cash around willy-nilly.

So your asking, is she going to remain Ferrell and continue to have Justin cut her hair? The answer is yes. But I am going to go to Supercuts next week Monday for a dry cut. £12.95 is more my kind of haircut! Although I’m not impressed that doesn’t include a hair wash and head rub. I do like a good head rub.

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