Friday, 29 May 2009

I Think I'll Eat Some Worms

We don’t have children but we do have a cat and I guess he is short of our baby. He’s a funny little thing with a personality to match. He doesn’t really have a name; he just knows our voices and comes when we call. He’s a bit of a Ninja cat. He can catch flies in his paws and we have witnessed him fly-kick a squirrel. Don’t get him wrong though, he’s very loving.

Last night, Justin called me to the yard, “Come check what Kitty caught for us?”
I was reluctant to go outside. The last time he caught us a gift, it was a dead mouse.
“What is it?” I called from the safety of the kitchen.
“Go and look!”
Curiosity killed the cat (yes I am fully aware that wasn’t funny but I’d though I’d throw it in anyway. The pun was intended now leave it alone!) I ventured outside to see out kitty sitting very proudly in front of his catch of the day. “I don’t think we could own a stranger cat even if we tried.” I bent down low to pat him on the head, “Good boy but earth worms aren’t really a nuisance. Why don’t you go hunt a nice big rat and we’ll throw it on the braai for you.”
Kitty replied, “Meow, puuuuurrrr.”
Justin came over and together we examined the worm trying to make a quick get away. “Clearly, kitty thinks he’s on a diet and would rather a worst than a steak!”

We went back inside and left kitty to play with his worm. Oh well, rather worms and mice over birds.
Predator Cat: Hear him Meow!

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