Monday, 11 May 2009

My Shit Tank Day

Just like everyone else, I have off days. Today seemed so off it was like rotten milk that has been left in the fridge for months. The milk is so rotten it’s solid and you don’t even bother opening the lid. Yes, that’s my day in a nutshell but now I’m going to open the lid for you all.

It started off last Friday when I was asked to book some flights for 2 candidates going from Singapore to Hong Kong. Now this would usually be an easy task but the bank wanted to save some money so it was booked via the Singapore Air website. All’s fine. The dude in the German office sent me all the details and I passed them onto travel. I make this sound a lot easier than what it was. In theory it involved signoff on several levels and many phone calls back and forth to Germany. I didn’t have to do it but I was happy to help out. Sometimes these things need a woman’s touch… and execution plan.

So today when I get in I had 25 (YES 25!) e-mails from the dude in the German office and the 2 candidates. Basically over the course of the weekend, they’ve all changed their minds and want to do something different. Keep in mind this is after I told them that once booked, the tickets were non changeable and non refundable. In simple terms, all that work Friday afternoon AND EVENING was for nothing.

Now that’s just one tiny part of Shit Tank Day!

Further more, I find out I can’t use the Bank’s ‘Special’ account direct to pay for the hotels. Now while most people would throw their hands in the air and give up, I took the screaming at my computer, slapping my stapler on my desk and swearing at my hole-punch approach. This seemed to work and I found my solution. The candidates can pay and invoice the bank back. (There was no option, I told them, not asked!) Ah yes, but now they want particular hotels and transfers. Go figure I guess…

No, No, No! Day in the Shit Tank isn’t completed yet!

There is a London Dude flying to Germany tomorrow and for some reason I can’t seem to check him in online. Bit odd considering I could check everyone else in but oh well, shit happens on Shit Tank Day. I rang Lufthansa to try and solve the mystery. Well I never! I got some little whore who thought she would give me some lip. (I say whore but by her tone and the fact she had her nose so far up her ass she could smell the inside of her bellybutton, it’s more likely she’s virgin.) She was so rude it’s inconceivable. She couldn’t help me at all and she huffed down the phone at me. Yes, the little 2 bit Telephone bitch huffed at me. No one huffs at me! No one huffs at me and get s away with it. No one huffs at me on Shit Tank Day and has a job at the end of it. (What followed doesn’t need to be shared. Lets just say German’s unemployment tally may have just gone up by one) she asked for it so I don’t feel guilty. I await their response!

Now it’s 15.30. The day still has 2hrs in it. I still need to confirm these Hong Kong flights, sort hotels, check the London guy in (some how,) sort out a conference call and waiting on other numerous things including 2 cases of water, 1 case of Coke Zero and a response of Lufthansa. And before you ask, yes I will stop to write a blog because if I didn’t I would be under my desk rocking and pleading for the men in the white coats to take me away already.

Happy Shit Tank Day Everyone!

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