Thursday, 28 May 2009

Stimulate my middle finger and sit on it Mr. Rudd

Give this a read:

This is so unfair! It’s all well and good giving money to those in Australia who fit the criteria. I thought it was a bit of warped idea but the people seemed to love getting cash for nothing so I haven’t complained before now. However after reading this article, I’m fairly certain I want to put a hit out on the Australian Labour Government.

How do you think me and many others feel when we find out the government has sent cash to those living overseas if they still pay income tax in Australia? What about those Australian citizens who live and pay tax in another country but then send their hard earned Pounds and Pennies back home? Talk about NOT feeding the hand that could potentially bite you by pulling out our money!

This is a kick in the balls on the grandest of scales. I work hard for my money and with the current interest rates it makes sense for me to hold my savings in Aus. I’m doing Australia a favour by doing this. I’m giving my hard earned cash to the Australian banks. It’s people like me, pumping cash back into the country through savings, investment, tourism ect that’s helping Australia ride the recession wave so well.

I don’t have an income in Australia; therefore I don’t pay income tax. And because of that you’re declaring I don’t disserve to be stimulated? Who died and put this idiot in charge? Common sense would say it’s the people like me who should get the cash as we’ve proven we pump the money straight back into the banking system.

I’m sorry Mr. Rudd but I think you’re a twatbag and I don’t like you very much. In fact I’ll openly say I never voted for you in the first place because I knew you’d go and screw everything up. On top of being a general twat you now go and screw me over for having a ‘go getters’ attitude and giving something back to Australia.

Well you can Stimulate my middle finger and sit on it Mr. Rudd. In your mind I’m just an Expatriate who doesn’t earn in Aus, therefore I’m not Aussie enough to deserve the stimulus package. Well if that’s the case I guess I’m not Aussie enough to pay tax on my savings either! You ask how I’m going to do this. Oh its easy Mr. Rudd, I simply declare myself as a UK citizen and claim it as an investment under XXX amount. That little British passport is more than just a ticket around Europe. It’s proving itself quite the meal ticket too! And the beauty all of this is, I don’t even have to forfeit my Aussie citizenship or passport. I can still come and go as I please and not give you a penny for it. Sucks to be you Mr. Rudd, sucks to be you.

You can kiss your percentage of my savings good bye and while you’re at it you can probably kiss a whole more than just my interest tax good bye. You’ve pissed a lot of Australian’s off over here and it’s only a matter of time before tax companies ect start to help the masses. Who wants to pay tax if you don’t have too?

Stimulus hand out. More like a ‘vote for me’ bribe! Stupid little man. I bet he has a small willie.

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