Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Post-It-Note: More money than sense

I love competitions! I love free competitions to be more precise. The thought of getting something for nothing really does tickle my insides. Even if the chances are 1 million: 1, I still enter.

Quite some time ago I entered a competition run by Post-It-Note. It was a Deal or No Deal theme competition. Basically you logged onto the website and entered the barcode number from your Post-IT-Note product. ‘The Bank’ would then give you an offer. My offer was 1p. You can imagine my disappointment. So I hit the ‘NO DEAL!’ What was in my box? What I had I passed up 1p for? A whole whopping 2p!! WOOHOO I hit the jackpot. I was bored and just exited the stupid competition. I completely forgot that I had entered my details before opening my box (that sounds sexual… it’s not. I have thought of 101 things I could follow that sentence with BUT I won’t. I have family who read this!)

Months passed and I didn’t think much of if. Until last Friday that is when I received a letter from Mr. Post-It-Note. Now you’d think that Mr. Post-It-Note would stop and question things before writing out cheques. Much to my boyfriend’s amusement and my astonishment, I had received a cheque for 2p! That’s £0.02 or in AUD for those based in distant lands AUD$0.0406 or in simple terms we can all Understand, A WHOLE HEAP OF NOTHING! I mean really… WTF! Because stuff like this only happens to me!

It’s the gods doing it. “Let’s make the weird and funny stuff happen to her so she can write about it.” Oh yeah, by the way, I had another bug go up my nose on weekend. Justin as my witness, although his testimony wouldn’t stand up in a court of law, he had flipping tears in eyes from laughing so hard. My new life motto: BECAUSE STUFF LIKE THIS ONLY HAPPENS TO ME!

I have scanned and attached my letter and cheque for 2p. What I love is the wording, “Spend it however you wish!” Why on earth would I spend it? That amount, I could bank it and live off the interest. Heck, that’s my kids college fund right there! Gees, thanks Mr. Post-It-Notes!!! I’m sorted for life! Yeah!

It then goes on to tell me, “Have you got what it takes to tell the banker where to stick it?” Not sure if I have the balls for that, but I do have the balls to bank the cheque and make you pay £15 in processing fees! Can’t wait to see the teller’s face!!

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