Monday, 1 June 2009

Spider Man Does the Washing

For anyone not living in the UK, you don’t understand the rarity of a sunny weekend. It hit a scorching 25degrees on Saturday and a whopping 27degrees on Sunday. Weather like this makes national news over here!
I thought I’d make the most of the sunny weather and do some washing. With the sun baking down as it was, I got up early and popped a load on. I hung it out and then repeated the process with a new load in the late afternoon.

“Shall we have a braai?” Justin asked after watching his second game of rugby
“We don’t have any worst and I’m not running down to shops again.” We’d only just come back from the shops and my feet were sore because I walked in my flip flops.
“Nah, we’ll just braai some sausages and have rolls with onions!” Justin was jumping up and down while saying this. Bless him; he’s a true South African man. Give him sun, rugby and a braai and he’s as happy as a pig in mud!
“Okay, but I’ve just hung wet clothes out on the line so before you start any fire can you please bring the clothes in and hang them inside.”
“That’s girl’s job!”
“Do you really want to have that argument… again?”
He sulked off out the back and started bringing the clothes in. I felt bad so I went out to help him/ supervise. Together we put the clothes in the spare room and started hanging them out on the inside rail.
“Go sit down, I can do it. You’ve already done one load today.” (I know, he’s so sweet and such a keeper!)
So I went and sat down and watched some telly. I could hear him singing and clunking around in the other room. After about 5mins the singing had stopped and was replaced by giggles. Now unless he finds hangout washing the most entertaining thing in the world, he was up to something.

I wondered into the room to find hanging clothes… on his head. When questioned why he was wearing my underwear like a mask, he replied, “Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a girl can!”
I dare you to find a man who can make you laugh like this!

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