Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm in a bad mood... don't provoke me, I might bite.

I’m having a bad day today. I’m in a right mood and ready to slice someone’s neck. Now obviously I can’t slice anyone’s neck at work. That would become a 'work place health and safely' issue and also HR would probably get involved. Murder at work would cause extra work for a lot people and I don't want to be hated by the people who pay me. BUT ripping someone on facebook could be the solution I'm looking for.

This girl I have mentioned before in one of my first blogs. She’s not the sharpest crayon in the box and I would be telling porky pies if I said I didn’t get satisfaction in the knowledge that I can out wit her. She's easy pickings and I know I should really pick on someone my own size but it's just so fun!!

So her facebook status read: Woop Woop keep it up boys, almost ova!!

She’s been going on about the Cricket Twenty20 for a while now. She South African and claims she knows all about sport but let's face it the girl can’t even use proper English and only seems to follow the competitions South Africa does well in.

Five minuets later she commented on her status: also want to know y people r booing @ the Twenty20 Games??

I want to know why she can't write the full word?!?! I couldn’t help it, with the mood I’m in, I just had to wind her up. Being South African I knew just where to hit her.

Because it's not real cricket. Bit like 7s, it's not real rugby.

I mean really. She should learn that if I comment on her status it’s generally to provoke her into saying something stupid. like this.

what not real? of course its real!! the 7s is like a small world cup, it only happens every sooo yrs..... If u not into sport u wouldnt understand!!

Now firstly 0 out of 10 for punctuation and grammar and 0 out of 10 for factual information! Secondly, she took the bait and now I can reel her in. I may not be into sport but I’m very good researching the topic I’m debating.

Well obviously it's a real game of cricket (sort of) but the ICC don't count it in the official ranking system. Therefore most people don't give a crap. It's just a bit of a throw about. Think of it as back yard cricket on an international scale! :D

As for 7s... Since 2000 it's been a rolling tournament that happens every year all over the world. Countries GENERALLY (Not always!) have their own 7s team that don't play in normal rugby. So again some people follow but on the whole, it doesn’t mean anything special. Justin loves his rugby just as much as the next South African man, in fact he even when to the London 7s this year. However he came home and said. "It's fun to watch but it's not proper rugby."

I don't follow sport because I think it brings out the worst in people and promotes segregation. I find that there are several nations out there that ruin it for everyone else with their bad sportsman like behaviour.

She didn’t respond. She never does when I open a can of whoop ass. She just deleted it. Shame really…


Update!!! The silly cow really doesn't know when to shut up! she just wrote on my wall: The 7s rugby has been going for ages, since my dad was a wee one. and for the 20 cricket is a world cup, These games r the T20 World cup!! SO YEA ITS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! I think u r up set because Aussies didnt make it throu this finals.

Wow... where do I start? Do I go with the, 'I hate sport, I'm just winding you up but I'm bored now so piss off'' approach. Or I could go with the 'final bullet to the back of the head' approach.
I choose this!

I didn’t say it was a new thing. You said it only happened ever few years and i corrected you that it is a rolling competition. It has been that way since 2000 when the organisers realised it wasn't a huge money spinner and killed the cup.

As for the cricket, I didn't even know that Australia entered. Like I said, I don't follow sport. With the current state of the world I feel there are more important things that we could be spending money on. And even if I did give a rats about a bunch of over paid men running around chasing a small hard ball, T20 is a competition out on its own. Have a look at the ICC website if you don't believe me. I'm sure the Australian team would rather concentrate their efforts into training for a competition that counts for something. Like I said, T20 is nothing more than backyard cricket on an international field.

Also, throu is spelt with a gh at the end.

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