Friday, 27 February 2009

Sleepless Friday Night

Boo to early Saturday mornings and lack of sleep on Friday nights!

I just finished reading a blog by a man who has just become a father. He talks alot about lack of sleep. I feel his pain. Although, while his sleep deprivation is due to baby, mine is more due to the bottle wine that needed consuming and the babydaddies blog.

On that note, I have a 9am appointment tomorrow so I need to hit the sack. Oh how it sucks being responsible for your own actions. I'm keen to be a teenager again... WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!

5 ways to tell I'm tired:
1. I talk alot of rubbish
2. My spelling and general Enligh skills go out the window
3. I'm yawning... alot
4. I've got drunky eyes (Half open. You think you look sexy but really you just look like a goof.)
5. I can't think of the fifth. Can I get back to you tomorrow?

Nighty night!

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