Monday, 27 April 2009

PigBird Flu

We’re all about to catch Swine Flu and die according to the Media. My first thought was, ‘Oh goody, I love a bit a drama! I hope I get the day off work!’ But of course, I thought this with a solemn face. Just because one maybe excited by the thought of a day off work -doesn’t not mean that one should wet her pants. if you follow.

So today I’ve been following the news closely. As I’ve read further into these articles about Swine Flu or as I’ve affectionately started called PigBird Flu, I realised it’s a lot more serious than just a day off work. The time has come and thank god I started preparing early for such an event. Yes people we’re all going to be homebound for quite some time and while you all eat tinned food, drink bottled water and ponder when your time might come, Justin and I will be live like a king and queen with our stock pile of wine, beer and Aspall. (We hit the bottle shop on Saturday and took advantage of the free home delivery service!) Further to that, the boyfriend has mastered home brew Alcoholic Ginger Beer so when the booze runs out we can make our own! And what shall we eat while we drink ourselves to death before the PigBirgs find us… what else but the packets of lamb chops I’ve been stock piling since my return from Aus.

I may die a cold and sweaty death. I may die by a flu that is named after a pig but I’ll be dammed if I die without the sweet sweet taste of minted chops on my lips and no trace of Alcohol in my blood stream!

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  1. mexican passion fruit is the way to go ;)