Friday, 24 April 2009

Don't Mess With A Jedi

So it turns out if you put Jedi as your religion on the UK census, they count you as agnostic. What the article didn’t say was if you put your religion down as Scientologist, they count you as a mad man.

But this article got me thinking. Why do we need to tell our heads of state our religion? And what gives anyone the power to turn around and say, “You’re not Jedi, you’re agnostic.” I mean really, if Scientology can be recognised as a religion why can’t Jedi? They both come from Sci-fi movies or something of that nature.

Each to their own and don’t lump them together as agnostic. That’s not very nice! They do believe, they believe in the force and you better watch yourself because the force is strong, just ask Darth Vader!


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