Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bug Up My Nose... TWICE!

Picture this. It’s Monday night (keep in mind I’m in the UK so 6pm still means it’s as light as it was at 12noon), it’s raining and I’m rugged up. I was walking along from the tube stop to my house. I was listening to my ipod, dawdling along and minding my own business when suddenly I was stopped in my tracks. A bloody bug went up my nose! Now if this had happened to anyone else I would have laughed at them but considering it was happening to me, it was no laughing matter. I slapped my nose in a hope to get the fucker out. It still buzzed in my nose cavity. So I put my finger to my other nostril, held it down, and blew out the other one. The bug came free. VICTORY WAS MINE!

I held my head high and continued walking. Even though several people had stopped to look at me and giggle. Yes people, point at the girl with a bug up her nose. At least she got it out!

So just a moment ago I left the office to go buy surgical masks. (Oh don’t ask!) As I’m walking to the chemist what should happen. A bug flew up my nose … AGAIN! And it was the same bloody nostril! So now I’m standing in Banker Wanker territory trying to blow out a bug. Of course the suited and booted stop and looked at the girl who was bracing herself on a traffic light pole while throwing her head around trying to get the bug out. I’ll tell you something for nothing. I must have been quite the sight because that bug was a feisty little bugger. I got him out on the third attempt.

So I’m back in the office. It’s only Wednesday and so far I’ve had 2 bugs up my nose. Hopefully my nose will remain bugless for the rest of the week… I don’t like its chances.

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