Thursday, 30 April 2009

Anti Family Planning Aisle

Boots (UK’s leading Chemist) is possibly the best thing that ever happened to a UK high Street. We all go there for what ever reason but have you actually looked around the shop.

Yesterday I had 30mins to kill before meeting a friend so I decided the seek refuge in Boots. Instead of just wandering around aimlessly, I decided to have a good look at some of the more embarrassing products that people loiter around. (You are so not fooling anyone by pretending to look at the indigestion pills. I can see you spying that poo-powder. You’re constipated!) The aisle that caught my eye the most was the ‘family planning’ aisle.

So I walked up at down the aisle. First I spied the condoms. 2 pack for £10 on selected brands. It’s good to see that they are targeting those on a budget! But this hardly ‘Family planning,’ it’s more ‘Anti Family Planning.’ The self above the condoms caught my attention. It had all the Morning After Pills on it. Talk about, should Plan A fail, timely execute Plan B. Can you imagine it? Going to Boots to buy the morning after pill and right underneath the tiny selection are the condoms and their on sale! Why to rub it in!

Oh but it gets better. While I’m standing there looking at these products and getting weird and wonderful looks in return from the other customers, I spied the section next to the morning after pill. Pregnancy tests! HALF PRICE! Well that was enough, I was in hysterics.

A woman thinks she’s pregnant and she’s not so keen on the idea. She goes to buy herself a pregnancy test. Right next to them are the Morning After Pills. You can imagine what’s going to through her head, “If only I though of that 4 or 5 weeks go.” She picks her Pregnancy Test, actually she picks two because they’re half price and she’s a sucker for clever marketing, and then she spies the price of Condoms and is almost in tears. Yes sweetheart it’s fair to say that by now, that ship has well and truly sailed!

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