Sunday, 20 December 2009

I still want a Slanket!

A week ago I wrote this blog. On my list to santa, you will see that I noted down I wanted a Slanket. A slanket is a blanket with sleeves. Justin has been giving me grief about my slanket request. Personally, I think it's a damn good idea. Nothing worse than trying to drink a cup of tea and having a flight with the blanket in the process. And think of travelling. How much easier would it be to have a slanket on a plane instead of a static blanket that has covered many people before you.

However, while I think it's a great idea and I very much want one, it seems the world is against me and world rather make of fun of the idea.

Laugh all you want but I still want one. And when I get one, who will be the one laughing when you have cold arms?


  1. I laughed and laughed until I got one, now one of the first things I alsways ask is, "Do I have to take my Snuggie off?" I would wear it everywhere if I could :o)

    Thanks for stoping by my blog!

  2. They are awesome but santa didn't bring me one :(

    I love your blog. I visit it alot. I need to get in the habbit of commenting more. I'm a silent reader... aka stalker! lol