Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's Friday mum.. Get your boobs out!

Mum and I e-mail each other and occasionally she’ll remind me of things that make me very home sick. The Friday Song is one of these things.

When I was growing up and living in a small dead-end coastal town, every Friday morning the local radio station would play a song called the Friday Song. It’s a good ol’ wholesome family tune to get you in the weekend spirit. Every Friday I would wake up at the crack of dawn to listen to the song. I would sing along while dancing around the kitchen table. My grandparents used to live down the road from us. Naturally they listened to the song too. Still to this day, when I go home and see my Grandparents I force myself out of bed on Friday mornings just so I can sit at the kitchen table with my porridge and sing along until my granddad yells at me for being too cheery, too early.

I had told Justin about this song and how I longed to be able to hear it over here on Friday mornings. So he suggested I e-mail the station and ask them for a copy. SO I DID!

The response I got was not quite what I was expecting. Let’s just say the song attached wasn’t the wholesome family song I remembered.

I responded with this:

Hi there

Many thanks for the song, however I think you're attached the wrong one.

As much as this song gave me and my South African boyfriend a laugh and truly made our day, it is not "The Friday" song. My boyfriend is now wondering what mothers are like in Australia. I assured him that most mothers do not drink themselves into sin and get there boobs out while weeing in the gutter. You’ve given the poor boy high expectations that my mother could never live up too.

Please may I have the Friday song? Although maybe you should start playing “Ma with her boobs out,” on a Friday morning. I know it would make my granddad smile while eating his porridge.

Let it be known that "ma with her boobs out" is now stored on my ipod for future enjoyment.

Guess you made a bit of a tits up there (excuse the pun BUT I COULDN'T resist!)

Needless to say once I had received the correct song and played it to Justin, the first thing he said was, “Play the boobs one again!

Friday Song or is this the Friday Song?

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  1. Speaking of which... IT'S FRIDAY, IT'S FRIDAY, BEST DAY OF THE WEEK...